The UK’s reducing electricity supply capacity

The Ofgem Electricity Capacity Assessment Report 2013 points out the risks to electricity security of supply over the next six winters has increased respect to the past. Furthermore, the risk of electricity customer disconnections will appreciably increase, albeit from near-zero levels. The problem of electricity supply is more during the peak hours in which there is a higher level of energy consumption.

Cutting-edge strategies integrated in the building could help to reduce the electricity supply. A supply capacity reduction can be arranged with the distribution company in order to have a reduction in the amount that you are paying for business electricity. It is possible an electric energy time shift strategy, this involves storing energy during low price times and discharging during high price times. Furthermore, the energy storage used by end-use customers also in conjunction with renewable generation resources can positively contribute to reduce electric bills.

The BSRIA/ECA Event that took place in the Central Hall Westminster Storey’s Gate in London on the 27th of March 2014 pointed out the problem to reduce the electricity supply capacity especially during the peak hours of the day identifying solutions and strategies to reach this aims.

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