New Publication Launched – Free For A Very Limited Time



Managing Director of the Syntegra Group has just published, Reduce Your CO2 Emissions and Increase Your Bottom Line.

From the back:

“In “Reduce your CO­ Emissions and Increase your Bottom Line” Alan Wing-King – Managing Director and Founder of the multi-award winning international energy consultancy Syntegra Consulting – provides you with strategies and explains how you can save money in your business by decreasing your carbon emissions using current industry insight and carbon reduction strategies. The strategies are articulated in a succinct, practical and pragmatic manner, and your company will see the instant benefits of the strategies to provide solutions in creating a more efficient business.

This book is packed full of facts and empirical evidence, and each chapter has finance and carbon reduction at the forefront. The book takes you through each of the different types of sustainable energy technologies and current legislation, and explains their financial benefits and how these can be used in business. Business leaders, owners and senior decision makers will appreciate what this book has to offer. The energy market and carbon economy are dynamic and constantly developing but one thing that will never change is the increasing demand for energy.

To save money to your bottom line and reduce your carbon footprint, this book contains everything you need to know – for the benefit of your business and the wider community it serves, because the decisions you make today will have a direct correlation to your business performance and growth now and into the future.”

As a promotional offer this is currently free on Amazon at

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