Kensington Hotel – Building Energy Efficiency Investigation

During 2013, the annual average expenditure on gas, electricity and water for the Kensington Hotel was approximately £190,000. The amount of expenditure on energy bills motivated the management to carry out further investigations on energy consumption.

the kensington hotel 1

For this purpose, Syntegra Consulting have been appointed to undertake a detailed energy audit of the property. The process of this investigation is stated in the figure below.

the kensington hotel our process

The survey was carried out on site and further investigations on the energy consuming areas continued off the site. This energy audit report indicates there are numerous areas of opportunities for saving energy and costs by performing certain modifications.

The readily quantifiable energy saving options indicated approximately £58,000 saving on energy bills every year. This saving represents approximately 33% of the current annual expenditure for gas and electricity in the Kensington Hotel.

the kensington hotel 3

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