What are the consequences of not addressing planning permission guidelines?

At Syntegra Consulting, each of our services and specialist reports is centred around helping project architects, planning consultants and site developers make sure they are meeting the planning permission guidelines of their local authority.

However, these can vary significantly depending on the area a building site is situated in, with different regions and even the different boroughs of London having conflicting requirements.

But why exactly is it so important to ensure planning permission guidelines are adequately addressed? And what might the consequences be if they are not adhered to?

Here, we’re going to take a look at what could potentially happen if planners do not comply with these regulations, while explaining how the team at Syntegra Consulting can help to prevent you from ending up in such a situation in the first place.

Why is planning permission needed?

It is illegal to build a new structure in the UK without seeking planning permission from the local council first. Not only does this relate to the construction of new buildings and estates, but it can also apply to much smaller structures, such as garden walls and outhouses.

Local authorities need to know the impact that a project and the resulting structure will have on the surrounding environment, taking into account factors including the intended use of the site, how easily accessible it will be for residents or employees, what its green credentials or predicted carbon emissions will be and whether or not it will be close to other amenities.

Councils will also assess the health and safety implications regarding a proposed project before they approve it for the go-ahead.

However, before this stage is reached, project developers will need to present a number of specialist planning reports to their local authority, which is where our expert team at Syntegra Consulting comes in.

Specialist planning reports available from Syntegra Consulting

We can carry out all of the specialist planning reports you will need to present, including the energy strategy report, rights of light, and daylight and sunlight assessments and ecology and habitat survey report.

In addition, Syntegra Consulting can handle the air quality testing of a proposed construction site, acoustic noise report, environmental impact assessment report and Green Travel Plan.

Together, these specialist planning reports assess everything from how likely a building would be to flood, to how much natural light it will benefit from, and from how much of a shadow it will cast over existing surrounding buildings to what impact it could potentially have on plants and wildlife in the vicinity.

The consequences of failing to address planning permission

Failure to address planning permission requirements could have significant consequences for a project.

As local councils require their specialist planning reports within a set – and often short – timeframe, developers can find themselves pushed for time when it comes to conducting and submitting them. Delays in this area can set a whole project back, losing precious time and money.

One of the most common pitfalls that Syntegra Consulting has found people experience with regard to gaining planning permission is a lack of understanding of exactly what is required of them, quite often leading to a state of panic.

That’s why it’s important to get in touch with us as early on as possible in the planning stage of your project to prevent delays.

Local authorities will not allow you to go ahead with the construction of a new building or structure until the specialist planning reports are submitted.

Refusing to adhere to this rule can result in legal issues, court cases, fines, prosecution and even the structure having to be demolished, wasting time, money and damaging the reputation of your firm.

These consequences may be a worst case scenario, but they can and do happen. Syntegra Consulting is here to prevent these situations from arising.

How can Syntegra Consulting help?

We can help to put any concerns about planning permission to bed, as our experts carry out our specialist planning reports in a highly accurate, compliant and quick manner.

Speed in particular can be something of a lifesaver when project architects or planning consultants are trying to gather together all of the reports they need to meet local authority deadlines, so make sure you contact us as soon as you know what you need.

This means we can get you booked in for assessments as soon as possible, helping you to meet your deadlines and preventing the project from being delayed.

If you’d like to find out more about how Syntegra Consulting could help you and your proposed project to meet the planning permission requirements of your local authority, or you’d like some more advanced technical guidance for your project, contact us today for a free quote on 0845 009 1625 or at mail@syntegra-epc.co.uk.

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