How to avoid a tiny creature putting the brakes on your building development

While not always at the top of a developer’s mind when renovating a site, in today’s planning applications, bats and other rare or endangered species are a material consideration. Criminal prosecutions can be brought against builders who ignore the creatures’ presence and destroy roosts with unlimited fines and/or six months in prison the punishments available […]

Get Your Energy House in Order to Avoid Heavy Fines

Organisations are being urged to begin critical energy audits to avoid heavy fines for non-compliance with a Government scheme. The mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is moving into its second phase – but the Environment Agency has revealed that hundreds of organisations are facing financial penalties for failing to comply with Phase 1. The […]

Former head of ISG appointed Chairman

David Lawther

International construction industry expert David Lawther has been appointed Non-executive Chairman of Syntegra to help us take our business to the next level. David, who was CEO of global construction services ISG, was attracted to join Syntegra because of the ‘excellent platform’ MD Alan King has created to provide sustainable services sought by clients. ‘Syntegra […]

Energy manifesto review

Syntegra energy sector manifesto review Energy costs and regulation plus attitudes to climate change and renewables feature in all the main political party manifestos for this week’s election. Here we offer Syntegra’s unbiased review of some of the key themes relating to this policy area plus a selection of comments from the Parties around their […]