Developer guides launched

Syntegra has published the first in its series of Developers’ Guides for potential clients to refer to when considering working on joint projects with the company.

The Impact of Ecology on Planning and Development has been drawn up to advise developers of the initial site considerations they need to address when planning a project.

The Guide includes details of laws and regulations to comply with in relation to ecological issues, tips and strategies to ensure compliance and help navigate planning procedures and a selection of news items produced by Syntegra focusing on key topics relevant to the services we provide in this area of work.

Managing Director Alan King said: ‘We are compiling a series of these guides as guidance tools for developers considering working with us to outline some of the key considerations they need to be aware of while planning their projects and how our services can be beneficial to the successful completion of their work.

‘We’re aware that developers encounter huge rafts of legislation and protocols from councils and other regulatory bodies and it can be hard navigating your way round all the procedures to comply and bring a project to fruition.

‘That’s why we thought it would be helpful to bring as many facts as possible together in a user friendly Guide so that developers have all relevant material in one reference document.’

The next Guide in the series will focus on civils and infrastructure, addressing issues such as flood risk, below ground drainage design, highways design, transportation, foul sewage and utilities assessment, geotechnics and land quality to inform critical decisions on infrastructure design.

To access our Guides, please visit: