IAQM broadens remit to include indoor air quality issues

The Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) has broadened its scope to cover issues related to indoor air quality.

Increasing numbers of enquiries about indoor air quality concerns to the industry body whose agenda has historically been focused on improving ambient air quality prompted a membership survey about the change of remit.

Until now, there has been no representative body for specialists working on resolving indoor air quality concerns.

The IAQM members voted strongly in favour of the move and a spokesman said: ‘There was also strong consensus that the IAQM should judge indoor air quality on an equal basis to other air quality experience.’

A subgroup of the institute will now be formed to inform on the development of the sector and how best to integrate indoor air quality specialists into the organisation’s membership.

The IAQM has also issued a proposed new position statement on ambient pollution removal techniques.

It states: ‘The IAQM considers the reduction of emissions at source or the reduction in exposure to pollution to always be preferable to the use of any technique that purports to remove pollutants from the air by active or passive means. Before an investment is made in any solution of this kind, a thorough appraisal of the efficacy of that solution should be carried out based on scientific evidence and professional judgement.’

The IAQM issues position statements on matters that could affect the way in which Members carry out their professional tasks and on air quality topics and issues where the IAQM can provide a unique perspective from which to give a professional opinion.

The final wording will be determined after feedback from members closes on August 30th.

Syntegra supports both moves announced by the IAQM.