From big screen to big changes – how a movie moved citizens to action against climate change

Movie-goers need no telling that this week sees the launch of the sequel to one of this century’s most talked-about Oscar-winning films. The significance of the unlikely Hollywood blockbuster, whose legacy today is still reverberating across the globe, should not be underestimated. An Inconvenient Truth charted the warnings about climate change and its imminent threat […]

Sub Metering – Reducing consumption, cost and carbon emissions

What is Sub Metering? Sub metering allows for informed, accurate decisions in regards to lowering energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions – by locating precisely where, how and when energy is used on site. It is much more detailed than just metering the total energy consumption of a site – giving accurate information about energy […]

Commercial EPC legislation update

The Energy Act 2011 set a wide number of provisions including EPC minimum standards requirements for residential and commercial properties.  About 20% of non-domestic properties could be in the F and G ratings bracket. Furthermore, also some prime properties will be in this situation and not only secondary or tertiary stock. In the properties in […]

Four tips to improve the efficiency of compressed air system

Four top energy efficiency measures are proposed to optimize the efficiency of a compressed air system rather than purchasing a new compressor. These five recommendations are as follows: First of all, it is important for business to measure how much compressed air used and how much it costs if it is used correctly. Additionally, assess […]

Lighting for Building Regulation Part L

The government introduced the lighting energy numerical indicator (LENI) to minimise luminaire lumens per circuit watt.  However, it is an alternative not a replacement to technology requirement.  The Lighting Industry Association describes LENI as an initial positive proposal. The failure to include a calculation of energy saving for preset lighting control is considerable omission.  The […]

Deliver Energy Savings in Social Houses

A few domestic energy schemes have been launched in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Dudley aiming at delivering energy savings to communities.  The schemes will help councils and housing authorities save energy and benefit from low carbon technologies.  Solar PV has been installed on a few hundred homes that can save their energy bills approximately £120 per […]