Renewables generation accelerating, report forecasts

As much as 65% of the UK’s energy demand could be met by renewable generation within a decade, according to the National Infrastructure Commission – a significant reassessment from its most recent forecast of 50% but a modest appraisal by industry insiders. In its latest report, ‘Renewables, recovery and Reaching Net Zero,’ said there is […]

UK Government’s £102m fund for clean energy research

(From The UK Government has launched a £102.5m investment programme in a bid to tackle the challenges the UK faces as the renewables revolution continues, suggesting that the nation’s energy sector could soon be poised to take clean power sources mainstream. Areas of opportunity that could be addressed through the fund, include energy storage, heat […]

Adding Thermal Mass During Refurbishment

The fluctuation of temperatures  within a building can be an issue as it involves the use of air-conditioning  or the heating system. In the 1960s, scientists started to develop and experiment PCMs (phase-change materials) which have for advantage to store and release the heat when needed. Thanks to it, a reduction of up to eight […]