Budget 2017: Chancellor takes action on air quality, electric vehicles and plastic waste

22 November 2017, source edie newsroom Chancellor Philip Hammond has today pledged to build an economy “fit for the future” by announcing new air quality funding, tax incentives for electric cars, and measures to combat plastic waste in his 2017 Autumn Budget. Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the 2017 Autumn Budget to a jubilant House of […]

Energy manifesto review

Syntegra energy sector manifesto review Energy costs and regulation plus attitudes to climate change and renewables feature in all the main political party manifestos for this week’s election. Here we offer Syntegra’s unbiased review of some of the key themes relating to this policy area plus a selection of comments from the Parties around their […]

Energy Sector Emissions Fall But Household Levels Rise

Greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the energy sector in the UK fell by 12 per cent in 2015. Emissions from business in general fell by three per cent but emissions from households rose by four per cent and from transportation by two per cent. Transport is set to overtake energy as the biggest source of […]

CO2 Emissions – we can’t afford to ignore them

Nobody said changing public attitudes to tackle climate change would happen overnight. The international community was always going to struggle with different perceptions of the problem, its scale and causes. And scientists and policymakers realised early on during the debate that they would face challenges and criticism over the long haul. In the space of […]

EU Carbon emissions down in 2012 due to double dip recession

Greenhouse gas emissions from stationary installations by the 27 countries that participate in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), plus Norway, were down last year by 1.4% when compared with the figure for 2011.  In 2012, some 1.876mn tonnes of greenhouse gases were emitted. To a certain part, the reduction of emissions of […]

Green Energy Consultants

Green energy also referred to as renewable or sustainable energy are energy provisions that have no long term impact on the environment and are replenished by nature. They meet the energy requirements of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Unlike the use of fossil fuels which cannot be […]