The new Green Homes Grant

Residents in England are now eligible for Government funding of up to £10,000 towards the cost of energy efficient home improvements. The Green Homes Grant 2020 scheme has been launched by the UK Government to provide benefits both to homeowners and the environment as the qualifying improvements will help reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions. […]

Green Finance Institute gathers businesses for taskforce to decarbonise UK heating systems

The Green Finance Institute has gathered together representatives from a variety of businesses with experts from local authorities, policy and science sector to create a new taskforce tasked with decarbonising heating systems in the UK. Heating and hot water for homes account for almost two-fifths of the UK’s annual energy consumption and one-fifth of greenhouse […]

UK’s first grid-injected hydrogen trials begin on university campus

A pilot project has been launched to inject zero-carbon hydrogen into an existing gas network. The HyDeploy project is injecting hydrogen into Keele University’s existing natural gas network, supplying 30 faculty buildings and 100 domestic properties and results in hydrogen accounting for up to 20% of the gas mix in the network. The team responsible […]

Spluttering progress on energy deals

With climate change undoubtedly affecting our weather patterns, the old mantra of no central heating before October appears somewhat redundant. I’m sure we all have relatives or work in organisations where this rule has often been quoted – and might even be applied to this day – but the huge variations in temperatures means it […]

Heat Network Case Studies Published

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published case studies showing the targets and positive impact of implementing a heat network. Cranbrook and Skylark in East Devon is one of the largest district heating systems outside London. When the development is completed in 2031, 8,000 homes, shops and businesses and 20,000 people will […]

The Growth and Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems within the UK

Underfloor heating has become increasingly prevalent within the UK in recent years; now being installed in approximately 50% of new commercial builds and an increasing number of domestic projects. This is due to the growing recognition of the benefits associated with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is perhaps the most energy efficient heating method available. With […]

Solutions for Heating and Hot Water Systems

Boilers Hot water system need to be chose basing on how many people are living in the house and how many wet rooms etc.  Combi-boilers circulate hot water by radiators and underfloor heating routes.  Combi-boilers avoid the installation of hot water storage cylinders and cold water storage tanks, because the boilers only provide hot water […]

Do I need a Commercial EPC if the building is not heated ?

We get asked this question frequently. The commercial EPC law stipulates that if a commercial property has a heating systems or cooling system in place it will require a commercial EPC. It will also require an EPC if the property has mechanical ventilation e.g extract fan(s). i.e If the building uses energy to condition the […]