A sunny outlook for solar power? Only if companies truly engage

One look at our Twitter timeline this week and one topic shone brighter than most others – those in the renewable energy sector were in meltdown at the success of solar. One look out of my window and it wasn’t hard to see what was causing all the excitement – who hasn’t enjoyed at least […]

Welcome To The UK’s First Eco-Town

The UK’s largest array of domestic solar panels covering 17,500 square meters of roofspace to generate electricity is at the heart of the nation’s first eco-town where homes are all timber-framed – many of them being built off-site as the community developed. All buildings in North West Bicester had to comply with the Code for […]

Tests To Assess Impact of Solar Power on Fuel Poverty

London councils have received funding from the Green Investment Bank to pilot a project assessing the impact of solar power on tackling fuel poverty. Camden, Islington and Waltham Forest are collaborating on a scheme to install solar panels and batteries in 41 low income homes to see how they affect fuel consumption and costs. Part-funded […]

Factors influencing the performance of solar thermal systems

It is important to understand the factors that influence the performance of solar thermal systems as they can be an ideal way to provide extra hot water to supplement energy delivered by heat pumps or boilers.  A solar system can therefore be designed to deliver hot water reliably and meet the requirements of the household.  […]

Energy Consulting

Energy Consultants are professionals who have studied and worked in the field of energy and or engineering, they are experts capable of helping individuals and businesses reduce the cost of their energy needs by designing an energy saving strategy and helping the company to implement this program by switching to alternative low carbon technologies. By […]

Solar legal claim could rise above £100m

According to sources, the legal action against the government from solar firms claiming lost earnings caused by illegal changes to the solar electricity feed-in tariff could exceed £100m mark. Solar firms claim they lost millions of pounds worth of business after the government announced in October 2011 that it would cut the feed-in tariff (FIT) […]

November Feed In Tariff Cut

According to the Government promise to reduce the tariffs 3.5% every three months when the last Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) started in August 2012, the new Feed-in Tariffs starting November 2012 will be as follows: Description FIT rate p/kWh 0-4kW 15.44 >4-10kW 13.99 >10-50kW 13.03 >50-100kW 11.50 >100-150kW 11.50 >150-250kW 11.00 >250kW-5MW 7.10 Stand-alone 7.10 Export […]

20% improvement proposal for new builds in next stage of Building Regs

The development of the next Building Regulations is now underway, consultations for proposed changes to the regulations are opening and closing on the 27th April, responses on aspects that link to the Green Deal proposals in section two are to be requested by the 27th March.  The consultation will explore various changes to improve the […]

Green Energy Consultants

Green energy also referred to as renewable or sustainable energy are energy provisions that have no long term impact on the environment and are replenished by nature. They meet the energy requirements of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Unlike the use of fossil fuels which cannot be […]

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems i.e. those energy sources that are replenished by nature when used such as solar panels, wood fuel boilers, and wind turbines are some of the many renewable energy systems which can contribute in reducing carbon footprint and can also help lower energy bills.  With government financial incentives set up there has never […]

10 questions to ask a PV installer

1. Do they have Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation? Without this you will not be able to claim your Feed in Tariff. They should have the MCS logo clearly displayed on their paperwork. 2. Do they offer a manufacturer backed 10 year warranty on their inverters at no extra cost so that you have piece […]

Kinetics and Prudential in £100m solar panel deal

It has been publicised by the Building magazine, that Kinetics is considering a joint venture with a number of housing associations. They have signed a £100m deal with Prudential to build up to 20,000 solar panels on the roofs of social housing blocks, despite the government’s regime. By joining with Prudential they can take advantage […]