Air pollution – tackling the problem together

Here at Syntegra we’re honest enough to admit we don’t have all the answers to tackling climate change and air pollution and we’re always open to learning from others.
As such, like others we often roam around the Internet reading up on our subject and connect with others in our field. And we are always interested to see how far the reach is of our own postings on developments in our sector.
We were delighted recently to be contacted by a visitor to our site who had been impressed with our article on electric delivery vehicles being introduced to help tackle air pollution.
Anna Kucirkova offered us the opportunity to feature her own round-up on some of the technologies involved in tackling this health issue – some that have contributed to the problem and others that help combat it.
Naturally, we are delighted to offer a link to the article here plus the opportunity to visit a US-based site complementing our own work.
Nobody should claim to have a monopoly on good ideas – better to share good practice, learn from each other and simply help spread the message.
Thanks Anna. Anyone else with ideas we can share, please get in touch.