Syntegra acoustic team’s work rewarded

Syntegra has been granted membership of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC).

Following our application to join, our Associate Acoustic Consultant David Yates had to submit reports written in the line of his work to be peer reviewed prior to the company being awarded admission as a member of the industry body to prove technical and professional competence.

The ANC is a trade association for acoustic, noise and vibration consultancy practices in the UK. Membership has grown to over 110 member companies, including several international members and representing more than 950 consultants.

It ‘seeks to raise the standards of acoustic consultancy and improve recognition of the vital role which good acoustics, and the management and mitigation of noise and vibration play in achieving good design and effective planning in the built and natural environment’.

David will now have the opportunity on our behalf to contribute views to guidance issued by the ANC to other acoustic consultants and companies and share good practice from the field with colleagues.

On learning of our admission to the organisation, David said: ‘I’m delighted with the news. It’s great for Syntegra and recognition for its work in this field. I’m looking forward to networking with other acoustic consultants and learning more about the role and impact we can have on clients’ building and development programmes to ensure the highest standards in all aspects of noise and vibration mitigation and effective acoustic provision.’

At Syntegra we provide assessments of environmental noise in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and associated documents, including the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE) and the Planning Practice Guidance for Noise.

In addition to these requirements, our consultants provide assessments which fulfill the criteria of the World Health Organisation Guidelines, British Standard 8233:2014, British Standard 7445-1:2003, 7445-2:1991, British Standard 6472:2008, British Standard 5228:1999 (amended 2014) and British Standard 4142:2014.

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We undertake assessments and provide advice at the design stage
Work with Principal Contractors to obtain prior consent for any excess noise
We evaluate acoustic performance to discharge attached planning conditions
Workplace noise & vibration assessments
Building control acoustic and sound insulation testing

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