17 months on…The Success of Syntegra’s Ecology Department Implementation of Global Goal 15

By Trish Holden, Director of Ecology Services

When our Managing Director, Alan King, asked in August 2018 for each department to take on a Global Goal under The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (https://watch.globalgoals.org/), the Ecology Department took on Goal 15: Life on Land. Of this goal, target 15.5 Protect Biodiversity and Natural Habitats seemed most relevant to the department.

Just a bit of background on The Global Goals: in 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change.

For each project taken on, the Ecology Department recorded what mitigation measures and enhancement measures were secured by planning conditions that ensured measures to maintain and enhance biodiversity. Measures included securing and enhancing protected species habitats (i.e. known bat roosts, reptiles, nesting birds, great crested newts, water vole, inverts).

Nothing speaks best but numbers, so 17 months on, I was impressed with how our department has secured measures across the whole of the UK that will assist in halting the loss of biodiversity.

To date Syntegra Group has overseen the following:

  • Secured and enhanced 44 bat roosts and 90 new bat boxes
  • Creation of 30 new hedgerows
  • Creation of 37 new log piles, important for use for reptiles, hedgehogs, newts and inverts
  • Securing 101 new bird boxes
  • 11 new ponds with wildlife planting within the banks
  • 35 new meadows, orchards or important key wildlife habitats
  • 20 new bug hotels/bee bricks
  • Secured 63 dark corridors that are key bat flight paths/foraging areas.

With this just being one company, the cumulation of other ecology companies UK-wide can ensure and secure actions to reduce the degradation of habitats and aid in the loss of biodiversity. To see how your proposals can help towards this goal and target, get in touch with Trish Holden, the Director of Ecology Services, T.holden@synegragroup.com