Water – don’t waste it, reuse it

With more than 5,700 articles written about it in 100+ countries last year alone, and an impressive 2.6 million website views, World Water Week could be considered a resounding success. The good news is this week, it’s happening again – the annual global water conference is taking place in Sweden addressing key issues of international […]

Why the UK is Better Off Inside the EU Internal Energy Market Post-Brexit

Access to the single energy market was one of the priorities identified by energy professionals during a Question Time-style debate hosted by The Energy Institute in relation to Brexit negotiations. KPMG head of power and utilities Simon Virley also believes the key negotiating point in relation to energy is continued access to the Internal Energy […]

Your water, your choice

Water Part G Compliance Report

It’s that time of year when you turn on any TV or radio news channel, one of the headlines is the cost of gas and electricity and how we should all switch suppliers. And apparently last month record numbers of us, ever keen to cut costs, did just that. Maybe it’s something in the title […]

Small Businesses Missing Out On Energy Savings

Although the prices of utilities are a concern for small business owners, studies have found that there is a lack of understanding and engagement from these business owners in association with energy purchase and consumption. 2.54 million (52%) of SME owners are unaware of what percentage of their overheads is used up on gas, electricity […]

Kensington Hotel – Building Energy Efficiency Investigation

During 2013, the annual average expenditure on gas, electricity and water for the Kensington Hotel was approximately £190,000. The amount of expenditure on energy bills motivated the management to carry out further investigations on energy consumption. For this purpose, Syntegra Consulting have been appointed to undertake a detailed energy audit of the property. The process […]

Energy Utilities Procurement in an Unpredictable Energy Market

The very unpredictable energy market in which we currently purchase utilities coupled with the exponential increase in energy costs has forced many organisations to seek out an improved approach to energy procurement. Energy procurement service will assess an organisations energy needs and compile a strategy that produces the optimal results in terms of cost savings, […]