Building better biodiversity

Broad ranging measures announced as the UK Government unveiled its Environment Bill have been welcomed by the team at Syntegra which is already ahead of the game providing services  which will become mandated under the new legislation. Building developments will increasingly have to be delivered in a way which protects and enhances nature. The bill, […]

Developers urged to consider impacts on wildlife

Developers have been warned to take more care to protect wildlife habitats when undertaking construction projects following concerns raised over netting being placed over trees and hedges. In a letter to developers, Communities Secretary James Brokenshire MP reminded developers of their legal obligations to consider the impact of their work on wildlife and take action […]

Wildlife Enhancements in London’s Urban Jungles

By Trish Holden, Ecology Consultant I often get clients and agents questioning the need for ecological enhancements when sites are based in built up urban areas –  it’s a common misconception that these urban sprawled ‘concrete jungles’ surely must be dead zones with no value for wildlife. After having many of these questions poised to […]

Reducing Artificial Light Pollution under BREEAM

The use of artificial lighting has become integral to many modern day uses; roads, streets, security, outdoor sports facilities and to improve the appearance of buildings at night. However, increased light levels at night can cause problems. With increasing complaints to local authorities, it is apparent that light pollution at night can become intrusive. Light […]