Syntegra Consulting shortlisted for the Business Green Leaders Awards 2014

Syntegra Consulting have been nominated under the category of Entrepreneur of the Year award. ( ) The Business Green Leaders Awards 2014 will take place on the evening of July 2nd at the Brewery in the City of London. Now in their fourth year, the Business Green Leaders Awards celebrate the leading businesses, executives, entrepreneurs, […]


The main objective of Part L regulations is to cut the UK’s carbon emissions in order to positively contribute to make all new homes zero-carbon by 2016. In fact, reduce carbon emissions from the built environment is essential for the UK in order to mitigate the Climate Change. Design performance of buildings is a key […]

LEED Assessment Services

Publicly displaying green credentials is becoming a must for organisations in our new sustainably-aware society. Multi-national companies are keen to show that every part of their business is green, including their buildings. In other words, being green and sustainable development, and indicating that by employing one of the conventional sustainability measures, is a part of […]


Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) are considered rural sustainable water management practices in order to mitigate the adverse effects caused by flooding and storms. Furthermore, they should be considered as an efficient means in maximising benefits to water quality, biodiversity, amenity, flood risk management, economic gain and climate change adaptation. The integration of these systems in […]


Grey water is wastewater that has been used in clothes washers, bathtubs and showers, etc. These can be collected using separate drainage pipes, after which they are filtered and temporarily stored without treatment. A further step is the distribution in subsurface outdoor irrigation. Furthermore, another usage of grey water is for toilet flushing after purifying […]


A flood risk assessment is required in all areas at risk of flooding. In these areas the planning permission is not given without a flood risk assessment study. Furthermore, it is also important in order to maintain and insure existing buildings. The UK National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) considers the Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) as […]


Before you alter or install a new drainage system it is always necessary to inform the Building Control Department or the local council offices. In fact, it is necessary that the present plans comply with Building Regulations. There are different types of drainage systems: foul water and surface water. The former regards everything that come […]


The construction of cisterns in order to collect rainwater is deeply rooted in the past. In fact, already in the Middle East in 2000 B.C. storing rainwater cisterns were used in typical middle-class dwellings in order to reuse the water for both domestic supply and private bathing facilities for the wealthy. Nowadays, considered as an […]


Syntegra Consulting based in Reading, has won a Scoot Headline Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s most successful companies. They competed against more than 400 other nominations in the Awards, and they will be presented with their trophy and certificate at a glittering presentation ceremony in Millbank Tower, London on April 28. As […]

CDM Coordination – Imperial House in Wokingham – CEMAS

Syntegra Consulting Ltd have been appointed as Construction Design and Management (CDM) Co-ordinators for Imperial House in Wokingham.  The project involves the relocation of a chemical analysis laboratory from Glendale Park to the Imperial House Oaklands Park in Wokingham. The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2007 places duties upon the Client, designers and contractors […]

Bat Survey – Planning Application

All species of bat native to the UK are legally protected through their inclusion in Annex II of the EC Habitats Directive, which is transposed in England and Wales by the Habitats Regulations 2010. It is a criminal offence to deliberately harm, capture, kill or disturb a bat or its resting place. When considering an […]

Energy Strategy Report and BREEAM Assessment – 30 Mallord Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 6DU

Syntegra Consulting Ltd have been appointed as Energy Consultants to produce an energy strategy report for the re-development scheme involving an extension at 30 Mallord Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 6DU. This will support  support the schemes design process, demonstrate Building Regulations Part L1B compliance, intend to design to a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ target rating and to […]

Energy Policies Differ Greatly Across Europe

A report by the Energy Efficiency Watch has highlighted an ‘enormous disparity’ in how the 28 EU member states inact energy efficiency policies. EU legislation requires that member states submit National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPS) in the years 2007, 2011 and 2014 outlining plans to achieve 9% energy savings by 2016. Bulgaria, Denmark, France […]

Reshuffle of Top 10 Most Attractive Countries for Renewable Energy Investment

The August 2013 edition of the ‘Ernst & Young Renewable energy country attractiveness index’ sees a reshuffle of the top renewable-friendly countries. Australia dropped from 4th to 6th, mainly as a result of political differences about its carbon pricing agenda. The UK has taken its place at 4th, previously 5th, due to factors around electricity […]

Unlocking the Green Deal for Social Housing

As the contractor awarded with an unprecedented eight year contract with Britain’s biggest social housing landlord, Carillion has made every effort to ensure that Green Deal, as well as ECO, become a reality for the thousands of hard pressed tenants. Deservedly it can now have confidence in delivering improvements on the ground in significant numbers […]

Relying on Renewables for minimising carbon emissions

The 2008 Climate Change Act established the world’s first legally binding climate change target, aiming to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050. Although moving to a more energy efficient, low-carbon economy should help the UK meet this target, a recent Europe-wide survey has found that […]

Changes needed to kick-start Green Deal

A leading green lender has warned that it is urgent for the UK government to give motivations in order to increase public demand for the Green Deal. According to the Energy Minister Greg Barker, the initiative would stimulate up to 10,000 upgrades per year. Syntegra Consulting is an independent energy consultancy and can provide you […]

Government scales back Part L ambitions with 6% carbon reduction

Part L revision is planned to be introduced next year in order to lessen the already-set ambitious carbon reductions for new buildings. Additionally, public consultation is currently taking place on how to achieve zero carbon homes. Carbon reductions have been suggested to change to 6% for new homes and 9% for new non domestic buildings. […]

Investing in efficiency: Energy efficiency in buildings- improving financing agenda

Undoubtedly, buildings consume roughly a third of total energy and thus, actions in order to minimise this energy consumption should be taken. Implementing energy efficiency in buildings could be one parameter. However, many are thinking of the cost and the pay-back period which at the moment is required to be up to two years. I […]

SBEM Calculations

SBEM (or Simplify Building Energy Model) is a software tool developed by BRE for the Department for Communities and Local Government and provides an analysis of a building’s energy consumption. SBEM is used for non domestic buildings in support of the National Calculation Methodology (NCM), the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Green […]

Heat Loss Calcs

Heat loss calcs are used to work out the quantity of energy required to heat a building and the amount to invest in efficient heating technology (when the external conditions are colder).  The size of the heating installation depends largely on the performance of the building fabric. To calculate the size of the heater(s) required […]

Energy Consultants – Derrydown House, Derrydown, St Mary Bourne, Andover, Hants, SP11

Syntegra Consulting Ltd were appointed as Energy Consultants to produce an Energy Audit for Derrydown House, Derrydown, St Mary Bourne, Andover, Hants, SP11 and the development of a 2 story brick and flint cottage on the site. The objective was to reduce the properties oil and electricity consumption by; Acting on the clients behalf to review […]