Hedgerows warning over biodiversity threat

Landowners have been warned of the threat to biodiversity by mismanaging their hedgerows. Syntegra’s Director of Ecology Services Trish Holden called for rotational cutting of hedgerows and tree lines outside of the bird nesting season to help protect valuable wildlife. She said: ‘Most landowners don’t realise how important hedgerows and tree lines are for bats […]

Ecology advice after huge fine for developers who destroyed bat roost

Clients have been warned to consider ecology in the initial stages of their planning proposals after a huge fine was imposed on a development company for the illegal destruction of a building where protected bats were known to roost. Landrose Developments was fined £18,820 at Brent Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to destroying the breeding […]

Winter– do I have to wait to have an ecology survey?

Dark, dismal January, many of us just want to retreat under our duvets and similarly many of our native species are doing the same – all tucked away waiting for Spring. Many of our clients often ask if they must wait to have a preliminary ecological appraisal (PEA) carried out on their site during the […]

New guidance on lighting and its effect on bats

New guidance on lighting and its effect on bats has been welcomed by the Syntegra team as it offers advice to clients on sustainable development schemes. The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) has launched the latest practical guidance on considering the impact upon bats when designing lighting schemes. They have worked with the Bat Conservation […]

Planning applications face delay if bat surveys not completed promptly

A key window of opportunity for planning applications is about to close as the bat survey season draws to an end – meaning potential delays of up to a year for construction projects. Syntegra prides itself on a quick turnaround for all ecological surveys but we are bound by law to leave bats in peace […]

Wildlife Enhancements in London’s Urban Jungles

By Trish Holden, Ecology Consultant I often get clients and agents questioning the need for ecological enhancements when sites are based in built up urban areas –  it’s a common misconception that these urban sprawled ‘concrete jungles’ surely must be dead zones with no value for wildlife. After having many of these questions poised to […]

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals 

Recent revised Guidelines produced by IEEM: Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (December 2017). The purpose of these guidelines is to set out the appropriate approach to undertaking Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs) and the appropriate application of PEAs within the planning process. Additionally, the updated guidelines were to ensure consistency in terminology and assessments carried out by ecologists.  What is a PEA? PEA is a process rather than a report, it is best […]

How to avoid a tiny creature putting the brakes on your building development

While not always at the top of a developer’s mind when renovating a site, in today’s planning applications, bats and other rare or endangered species are a material consideration. Criminal prosecutions can be brought against builders who ignore the creatures’ presence and destroy roosts with unlimited fines and/or six months in prison the punishments available […]