UK Government hopeful of an entirely renewable-based grid by 2035

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed his aim for a 100% clean energy electricity grid by 2035. Coal-fired electricity generation will end in 2024 and he hopes there will be an end to gas-powered generation 11 years later meaning renewables – mainly solar and wind power – will drive electricity production, along with controversial […]

All UK domestic electricity to be wind-powered within 10 years, PM pledges

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans for every home in the UK to be powered with electricity from offshore wind farms within a decade. Addressing the Conservative Party’s virtual conference, he unveiled a £160m fund for the wind energy sector. He announced that the Government has increased its 2030 target for installed offshore […]

Renewables generation accelerating, report forecasts

As much as 65% of the UK’s energy demand could be met by renewable generation within a decade, according to the National Infrastructure Commission – a significant reassessment from its most recent forecast of 50% but a modest appraisal by industry insiders. In its latest report, ‘Renewables, recovery and Reaching Net Zero,’ said there is […]

UK broke renewable energy generation record in 2019, new figures reveal

A record 37.1% of electricity generated in the UK last year was renewable, according to the latest annual energy statistics published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) includes data on energy production, consumption, demand, imports and exports. The 2019 report, published at the end […]

UK set to witness massive uptake in low-cost green power

A series of initiatives are being rolled out to boost the UK’s renewable energy programme as a report indicated clean energy sources would account for 76% of the nation’s power demand by 2050. RenewableUK claims that the UK’s net-zero target will spur rapid demand for green hydrogen and attract more than £50bn to an already […]

Electricity Storage To Stabilise Grid

As increasing volumes of power are being generated by renewables across the UK, research and investment is moving towards finding a solution to keep the grid stable as production levels and usage with wind and solar fluctuate dramatically. One answer could be electricity storage – switching availability from time of production (daytime for solar) to […]

Change of direction as wind power overtakes coal in EU power generation

For the second consecutive year, the UK was Europe’s biggest investor in wind energy with €12.7bn spent on the construction of new onshore and offshore wind farms, new figures reveal. This accounted for 46% of the total wind energy investments in 2016 and brings the total number of turbines in the UK to 14,452 compared […]

Renewable Heat Incentive accelerating demand for biomass

The future for biomass heating is looking increasingly bright due to considerable Heat Incentive payments and because it has a number of advantages over other renewables.  In particular it is not weather dependent like solar and wind and so to an extent is more predictable and much easier for heating engineers to calculate the likely […]

Wind power growth set to halt after 2009 peak

According to the Worldwatch Institute, in 2009 wind power contributed 2% to global electricity consumption worldwide and global wind power capacity increased by 31%, the highest rate in the last 8 years despite the recession.  However this growth is unlikely to continue in 2010 and the US market is facing increased competition according to recent […]