UK Government hopeful of an entirely renewable-based grid by 2035

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed his aim for a 100% clean energy electricity grid by 2035. Coal-fired electricity generation will end in 2024 and he hopes there will be an end to gas-powered generation 11 years later meaning renewables – mainly solar and wind power – will drive electricity production, along with controversial […]

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) deadline imminent

Companies are reminded that the deadline is fast approaching for the latest phase of Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). With a deadline of March 31st, it’s not too late for organisations to prepare their reports – and Syntegra staff are on hand to help you gather relevant documentation ahead of the cut-off date. Three […]

All UK domestic electricity to be wind-powered within 10 years, PM pledges

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans for every home in the UK to be powered with electricity from offshore wind farms within a decade. Addressing the Conservative Party’s virtual conference, he unveiled a £160m fund for the wind energy sector. He announced that the Government has increased its 2030 target for installed offshore […]

UK broke renewable energy generation record in 2019, new figures reveal

A record 37.1% of electricity generated in the UK last year was renewable, according to the latest annual energy statistics published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) includes data on energy production, consumption, demand, imports and exports. The 2019 report, published at the end […]

UK’s electricity system could be carbon-negative from 2033, new report suggests

Operators of the UK’s National Grid have predicted the country’s electricity supply could capture, offset or absorb more carbon than it emits by 2033 if more effort is put into increasing renewable energy generation and developing carbon capture technology. The National Grid Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) new Future Energy Scenarios Report said, in its ‘most […]

UK coal-free power record

The UK went more than a month without using coal for power during the Coronavirus lockdown – the longest period since the Industrial Revolution. May 11, 2020, marked 30 days coal-free as gas, nuclear and renewables provided enough demand during a period of lower energy demand because of the economic shutdown and sunny weather. National […]

Government urged to aim for one million heat pump installations a year by 2035

The UK Government has been urged to invest in infrastructure for ground source heat pumps to boost low carbon heating systems. Bean Beanland, president of the recently Ground Source Heat Pump Association, told Utility Week that his organisation will be calling for capital grants to be made available for the installation of heat pumps. The replacement for […]

UK’s offshore wind sector boosted by £100m programme

A new £100m programme has been launched to boost the growth of the UK’s offshore wind sector which will, in turn, benefit businesses. The 10-year initiative, the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP), has been unveiled by the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) to support more than 650 businesses boost the value and growth of the […]

UK to use more electricity from renewables than coal for first time in 2019

The UK’s electricity system will distribute more power from renewable sources than coal-fired power stations for the first time this year, new figures indicate. The National Grid revealed that 47.9% of electricity generated between January and May this year came from clean energy sources – solar, wind, hydro and nuclear, while 46.7% came from coal […]

Climate change: positive steps to celebrate

Once again as Brexit continues to dominate airtime, column inches and many a social media post, it can be hard to find glimmers of any positive moves being made to tackle the country – and world’s – even more pressing emergency: climate change. Yet buried deep in the weeds of daily news coverage this week […]

A sunny outlook for solar power? Only if companies truly engage

One look at our Twitter timeline this week and one topic shone brighter than most others – those in the renewable energy sector were in meltdown at the success of solar. One look out of my window and it wasn’t hard to see what was causing all the excitement – who hasn’t enjoyed at least […]

Welcome To The UK’s First Eco-Town

The UK’s largest array of domestic solar panels covering 17,500 square meters of roofspace to generate electricity is at the heart of the nation’s first eco-town where homes are all timber-framed – many of them being built off-site as the community developed. All buildings in North West Bicester had to comply with the Code for […]

Renewable energy sectors in Europe and US increase

The European electricity industry association EURELECTRIC states that in 2013 over half of the electricity generated came from low carbon sources. In 2012, the share of renewable electricity in Europe was 24%, whilst in 2013 it was already 27%. This contributed to fewer emissions in Europe. But there are not only advantages, the European power […]

Small Businesses Missing Out On Energy Savings

Although the prices of utilities are a concern for small business owners, studies have found that there is a lack of understanding and engagement from these business owners in association with energy purchase and consumption. 2.54 million (52%) of SME owners are unaware of what percentage of their overheads is used up on gas, electricity […]