All UK domestic electricity to be wind-powered within 10 years, PM pledges

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans for every home in the UK to be powered with electricity from offshore wind farms within a decade. Addressing the Conservative Party’s virtual conference, he unveiled a £160m fund for the wind energy sector. He announced that the Government has increased its 2030 target for installed offshore […]

Green Finance Institute gathers businesses for taskforce to decarbonise UK heating systems

The Green Finance Institute has gathered together representatives from a variety of businesses with experts from local authorities, policy and science sector to create a new taskforce tasked with decarbonising heating systems in the UK. Heating and hot water for homes account for almost two-fifths of the UK’s annual energy consumption and one-fifth of greenhouse […]

Calls for a Government hydrogen strategy

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has urged the UK Government to implement a Hydrogen Strategy to help decarbonise carbon-intensive sectors. The National Grid has also announced plans to build a new hydrogen testing facility. The EAC held an inquiry in July seeking views on effective technological responses to help combat climate change. More than 100 […]

Covid recovery plan – ‘once in a lifetime chance’ for net-zero economy

The UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published what it described as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ plan to help the Government deliver a green COVID-19 recovery programme and transform the country into a net-zero economy. The CCC is an independent, statutory body established under the Climate Change Act 2008 to advise the UK and devolved governments on […]

Government urged to aim for one million heat pump installations a year by 2035

The UK Government has been urged to invest in infrastructure for ground source heat pumps to boost low carbon heating systems. Bean Beanland, president of the recently Ground Source Heat Pump Association, told Utility Week that his organisation will be calling for capital grants to be made available for the installation of heat pumps. The replacement for […]

New energy performance rules imminent for residential development

Sustainable construction services

The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for assessing the energy performance of residential units is being updated. SAP covers the energy cost rating of a dwelling and has not been updated for seven years. SAP10 has been issued but has not yet come into force, although its launch date is imminent and developers are being […]

Government announces £80m fund to decarbonise aviation and road transport

The UK Government has unveiled a new £80m pot to fund electric car and plane projects to boost the country’s uptake of low-carbon transport solutions ahead of the 2050 net-zero deadline. The money will be used to help researchers and businesses develop and commercialise ‘the next generation’ of transport, said the Department for Business, Energy […]

Records broken for low-carbon options

Once again as Brexit continues to dominate airtime, column inches and many a social media post, it can be hard to find glimmers of any positive moves being made to tackle the country – and world’s – even more pressing emergency: climate change. Yet buried deep in the weeds of daily news coverage recently were […]

Government measures needed to get tough on housing stock to meet carbon reduction targets

Legally binding carbon reduction targets will not be met in the UK unless the Government takes steps to tackle the “increasingly uncomfortable and unsafe” existing housing stock and implements stringent measures around new build projects. That is the conclusion of a report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The report criticises the withdrawal of […]

UK cities to become ‘climate hubs’ under new £3.5m scheme

Energy efficiency improvements must doubl

A series of ‘climate hubs’ are to be created in some of the UK’s major cities bringing together research and best practice to tackle the decarbonisation issue. The Government’s £3.5m initiative, the Place-based Climate Action Network (P-CAN), will cover work in Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds and some projects in London. The Department for Business, Energy and […]

Emissions reduction and cash savings identified by use of low carbon technologies

Carbon emissions from energy generation and use could be cut by more than half with the introduction of low carbon technologies, a new report has indicated. Electric vehicles, renewable energy and innovative new fuels could help power the shift and lead to a reduction in emissions of 54%, says the report, ‘Technology – the climate […]

Renewable energy sectors in Europe and US increase

The European electricity industry association EURELECTRIC states that in 2013 over half of the electricity generated came from low carbon sources. In 2012, the share of renewable electricity in Europe was 24%, whilst in 2013 it was already 27%. This contributed to fewer emissions in Europe. But there are not only advantages, the European power […]

Life Costing Analysis: Cost and Carbon Efficient Construction

Life-time cost and carbon savings can be easily made by making small simple specification changes to a base design of a building. The materials and components chosen for a building will have an impact on a building’s performance, both financially and economically throughout its lifetime. Financial and environmental costs should be coupled together whenever thinking […]