Overheating: Building Regulations Part O

New rules relating to heating and cooling buildings are set to come into force in June this year. Section O of the Building Regulations 2010 will be effective from June 15 to protect the health and welfare of a building’s occupants. It will cover the design and construction of buildings to achieve two key objectives […]

LETI: How to build sustainably

Syntegra is delighted to support the London Energy Transformation  Initiative (LETI) – a network of more than 1,000 built environment professionals working together to develop the UK’s net zero whole life carbon future. Despite its roots in London, LETI provides guidance to teams working on new build projects across the country about how to build […]

World Green Buildings Council (WorldGBC)

The World Green Buildings Council (WorldGBC) is calling for businesses to account for the whole lifecycle impact of all new buildings and major renovations, not just address operational carbon reduction. The WorldGBC this month unveiled an update to its longstanding Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, that aims to ignite a “reduction-first” approach to decarbonisation to […]

Focus turns to embodied carbon emissions

The Syntegra team is committed to helping the construction industry fulfil its requirements of cutting emissions from embodied carbon – as well as operational carbon – in the drive towards net zero to tackle the climate crisis. Embodied carbon emissions have largely been overlooked historically but contribute around 11% of all global carbon emissions, according […]

Built environment accused of failing to account for projects’ lifecycle emissions


Less than 1% of global building projects currently calculate and report on lifecycle emissions, according to a new report which urges businesses in the built environment sector to measure the full extent of their carbon footprint in the bid to reach net-zero by 2050. A new report from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), supported […]

UK’s net-zero target under threat through lack of green laws, new report warns as Johnson unveils new 10-point plan

A lack of legislative requirements on key sectors and infrastructure are putting the UK’s net-zero target at risk, a green thinktank has warned, highlighting an £11.4bn investment shortfall in reaching net-zero across transport, buildings, circular economy and natural infrastructure. The Green Alliance argues that a net-zero aligned approach to infrastructure would help the nation deliver […]

Historic planning overhaul unveiled to get Britain back in business

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled what he describes as ‘the most radical reforms to our planning system since the Second World War’ and has pledged a ‘new approach’ to planning as new and greener building strategies were announced as part of his programme to bring Britain out of hibernation following the brunt of […]

Construction could hold key to economic revival post-COVID lockdown

Whatever your views on the relative merits of lifting lockdown measures while COVID-19 continues to live among us, it seems we are all agreed on one issue – it is a thriving construction industry that will give the clearest message that Britain is once again open for business. In support of kickstarting building projects, the […]

Syntegra Group Q2 2020 – predictions and insights

When lockdown is lifted and new normality dawns – whatever that looks like – Syntegra stands ready to support clients through a broad range of potential scenarios with its innovative ways of working and extensive expertise across sustainable service provision. Of course, our teams remain fully committed to carrying out our services, albeit in revised […]

Sustainable modular builds increasingly popular

With all major construction work on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, developers will be looking for some quick wins once lockdowns are lifted. And with the renewed focus this enforced break is having on the environment, sustainable solutions are set to take centre stage. Modular builds tick both boxes of speed and sustainability and […]

Permitted development for airspace development

Property owners will be able to build two additional storeys onto apartment blocks without planning permission, the UK Government has announced. The controversial move, permissible from the summer, aims to boost home ownership but looks set to spark a debate around neighbourhood disputes and the risk of substandard building work. Residential skylines could be transformed […]

Syntegra project scoops National RIBA 2019 award

M&E designers Sustainability consultants

168 Upper Street, Islington, London A project Syntegra Group worked on in several roles has won a prestigious national award. The conversion scheme at 168 Upper Street, Islington, London, saw the development of three apartments and a shop from a Victorian commercial landmark. The rebuild, overseen by Groupwork, won the RIBA 2019 London Award and […]

Cities pledge to decarbonise buildings by 2050

A project has been launched that will see a coalition of eight European cities, including Dublin and Leeds, completely decarbonise their existing building stocks by 2050. The commitment, Build Upon2, is being convened by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) and will see the cities collaboratively develop and implement a built environment renovation and retrofitting […]

Defining and delivering net-zero built environment

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new five point framework outlining how developers, designers, owners, occupiers and policymakers can define and deliver a net-zero built environment. The report, co-sponsored by sustainable developers the Berkeley Group, aims to build consensus on what net-zero looks like and means in relation to the built environment, both […]

Building a sustainable future with CLT

With all eyes very much on the built environment getting its house in order in the sustainability spotlight, one solution might be waiting neatly packaged for developers to consider. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), has many advantages over traditional build materials in terms of cost, speed and safety of construction and, critically, environmental concerns. Softwood boards […]

Developers urged to consider impacts on wildlife

Developers have been warned to take more care to protect wildlife habitats when undertaking construction projects following concerns raised over netting being placed over trees and hedges. In a letter to developers, Communities Secretary James Brokenshire MP reminded developers of their legal obligations to consider the impact of their work on wildlife and take action […]

Why the construction industry needs to embrace the fourth industrial revolution

The construction industry has been urged to shed its decades-old working practices and embrace the wave of digitalisation sweeping the global economy if it is to shake free of stagnation and flourish with trillions of dollars of cost savings. The fourth industrial revolution, as it has been termed, has seen a revolutionary merging of the […]

Biodiversity net gain guidance launched

Development plans are set to include detailed calculations on the biodiversity net gain of their projects in a bid to reverse losses of natural habitats from previous construction schemes. Industry associations have teamed up to produce guidance on the scheme first launched by DEFRA to improve provision of natural habitats for species potentially displaced by […]

The rise of proptech – why we should embrace it

For those in the know, Proptech is just another jargon expression dropped into everyday business conversations discussing developments in the property sector. For those arriving late to this particular party, we’re simply talking about property technology – how digitalisation that rules much of our daily lives is finally building on its foundations in all things […]

New BREEAM standards to come into force

Revised BREEAM standards for newbuilds are set to be introduced next year following widespread consultation. The current BREEAM UK New Construction standard was launched in 2014 but as it judges developments against best practice guidelines, it was deemed appropriate to review and update it on a three to four year cycle. Changes in regulation and […]

Financial Institutions Seek Environmental Benefits From Sustainable Development Projects

Across the globe today, financial institutions are increasingly aware that funding projects now comes with additional responsibilities. There’s an emerging expectation that this investment should help to deliver social and environment benefits as well as a financial return. As part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Finance Initiative meeting that took place in Dubai […]

2016 Zero Carbon Home Standard

From 2016 it will become law that all new homes in England must meet the Zero Carbon Home Standard. Therefore, Housing Associations need to be prepared and gain an idea of the time and costs involved in order to ensure compliance. This may include looking past traditional construction methods and considering more modern methods. The […]

LEED Assessment Services

Publicly displaying green credentials is becoming a must for organisations in our new sustainably-aware society. Multi-national companies are keen to show that every part of their business is green, including their buildings. In other words, being green and sustainable development, and indicating that by employing one of the conventional sustainability measures, is a part of […]