VAT relief on retrofit and renewables

VAT has been scrapped on energy saving products and home solar panels by the UK’s Chancellor in his Spring Statement aimed at easing the country’s cost of living crisis. The relief – down from its already discounted rate of 5% – will be in place for at least fie years, Rishi Sunak said. It covers […]

UK Government hopeful of an entirely renewable-based grid by 2035

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed his aim for a 100% clean energy electricity grid by 2035. Coal-fired electricity generation will end in 2024 and he hopes there will be an end to gas-powered generation 11 years later meaning renewables – mainly solar and wind power – will drive electricity production, along with controversial […]

Poverty harming UK’s chances of reaching net-zero

Unfortunately, the word ‘poverty’ is one with which we are all too familiar and conjures up images of people, often children, in far off lands struggling to survive in poor economic situations. Sadly, while the UK is considered an affluent country with a stable economy, we also suffer our own levels of relative poverty. And […]

Calls for a Government hydrogen strategy

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has urged the UK Government to implement a Hydrogen Strategy to help decarbonise carbon-intensive sectors. The National Grid has also announced plans to build a new hydrogen testing facility. The EAC held an inquiry in July seeking views on effective technological responses to help combat climate change. More than 100 […]

Renewables generation accelerating, report forecasts

As much as 65% of the UK’s energy demand could be met by renewable generation within a decade, according to the National Infrastructure Commission – a significant reassessment from its most recent forecast of 50% but a modest appraisal by industry insiders. In its latest report, ‘Renewables, recovery and Reaching Net Zero,’ said there is […]

UK broke renewable energy generation record in 2019, new figures reveal

A record 37.1% of electricity generated in the UK last year was renewable, according to the latest annual energy statistics published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) includes data on energy production, consumption, demand, imports and exports. The 2019 report, published at the end […]

UK’s electricity system could be carbon-negative from 2033, new report suggests

Operators of the UK’s National Grid have predicted the country’s electricity supply could capture, offset or absorb more carbon than it emits by 2033 if more effort is put into increasing renewable energy generation and developing carbon capture technology. The National Grid Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) new Future Energy Scenarios Report said, in its ‘most […]

Onshore wind and solar ‘could boost UK economy by £29bn’

Barriers to onshore ‘shovel-ready’ renewable energy projects should be lifted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Treasury to provide a £28.9 billion boost the struggling UK economy in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, according to a new report Renewable energy investment firm Thrive Renewables have published a report indicating […]

UK coal-free power record

The UK went more than a month without using coal for power during the Coronavirus lockdown – the longest period since the Industrial Revolution. May 11, 2020, marked 30 days coal-free as gas, nuclear and renewables provided enough demand during a period of lower energy demand because of the economic shutdown and sunny weather. National […]

Government announces new funding to boost hydrogen production and clean up industry

Two new low-carbon hydrogen production plants and a series of trials into cutting industrial process emissions will be funded by a new £90million UK Government pot. A total of £70 million will be spent on hydrogen production plants near Mersey and Aberdeen, while a third project will use offshore windfarms off the Grimsby coast to […]

New energy performance rules imminent for residential development

Sustainable construction services

The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for assessing the energy performance of residential units is being updated. SAP covers the energy cost rating of a dwelling and has not been updated for seven years. SAP10 has been issued but has not yet come into force, although its launch date is imminent and developers are being […]

UK’s offshore wind sector boosted by £100m programme

A new £100m programme has been launched to boost the growth of the UK’s offshore wind sector which will, in turn, benefit businesses. The 10-year initiative, the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP), has been unveiled by the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) to support more than 650 businesses boost the value and growth of the […]

Defining and delivering net-zero built environment

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new five point framework outlining how developers, designers, owners, occupiers and policymakers can define and deliver a net-zero built environment. The report, co-sponsored by sustainable developers the Berkeley Group, aims to build consensus on what net-zero looks like and means in relation to the built environment, both […]

New carbon tax model could make polluters fund green policies

Ministers are being urged to introduce a raft of policies paid for by a new carbon tax model that would make corporates in the oil and gas sector pay a premium for failing to decarbonise after a new Friends of the Earth report revealed at least £44 billion worth of costs are being caused through […]

Syntegra commits to 100% renewable energy

Syntegra is leading by example and has signed up to use 100% renewable energy for all its properties from the start of 2019 in line with its global goals mission. SSE Green is a 100% renewable energy tariff offered by SSE Business Energy which allows organisations to report zero emissions for their purchased electricity. It is […]

Budget 2018: The green economy announcements and reaction

In what is widely tipped to be the last budget before Brexit, the Chancellor made little mention of any major ‘green’ economic issues leaving the much-anticipated plastic tax the major announcement. Here for you to digest over a quick cuppa – not, we hope, from a disposable cup – is a round-up of key policy […]

Net-zero economy aim for UK government

The UK Government has confirmed it is seeking advice on how to reduce carbon emissions and move to a net-zero economy. Following the release of a report last week by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warning that the global temperature increase will hit 1.5C by 2030, and 3-4C by the end of […]

Majority of UK consumers prefer products made using renewable energy

Most UK consumers prefer to buy products from companies powered by renewable energy over their competitors who don’t, according to a new survey. The research, by offshore wind specialists Ørsted, showed 86% of respondents believed it was worth purchasing goods made using 100% renewable energy with 73% indicating they would choose products from firms powered […]

Clean Growth Strategy

Much has been trailed about the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy since its launch last week. But is it all hot air or are there some nuggets in there which will energise the debate about our country’s future direction and place on the world stage when it comes to putting the environment at the heart of […]

Energy manifesto review

Syntegra energy sector manifesto review Energy costs and regulation plus attitudes to climate change and renewables feature in all the main political party manifestos for this week’s election. Here we offer Syntegra’s unbiased review of some of the key themes relating to this policy area plus a selection of comments from the Parties around their […]

A sunny outlook for solar power? Only if companies truly engage

One look at our Twitter timeline this week and one topic shone brighter than most others – those in the renewable energy sector were in meltdown at the success of solar. One look out of my window and it wasn’t hard to see what was causing all the excitement – who hasn’t enjoyed at least […]

Change of direction as wind power overtakes coal in EU power generation

For the second consecutive year, the UK was Europe’s biggest investor in wind energy with €12.7bn spent on the construction of new onshore and offshore wind farms, new figures reveal. This accounted for 46% of the total wind energy investments in 2016 and brings the total number of turbines in the UK to 14,452 compared […]