LEED Assessment Services

Publicly displaying green credentials is becoming a must for organisations in our new sustainably-aware society. Multi-national companies are keen to show that every part of their business is green, including their buildings. In other words, being green and sustainable development, and indicating that by employing one of the conventional sustainability measures, is a part of […]

Four tips to improve the efficiency of compressed air system

Four top energy efficiency measures are proposed to optimize the efficiency of a compressed air system rather than purchasing a new compressor. These five recommendations are as follows: First of all, it is important for business to measure how much compressed air used and how much it costs if it is used correctly. Additionally, assess […]

Worries over the borrowing power of the Green Investment Bank

The Green Investment Bank (GIB), a government scheme to attract private involvement and investment in environmental preservation and improvement, may be at risk due to government’s inability to control state borrowing. Although the GIB was set up to fund green schemes such as the Green Deal and sustainable infrastructure projects, it cannot borrow money from […]