Why the construction industry needs to embrace the fourth industrial revolution

The construction industry has been urged to shed its decades-old working practices and embrace the wave of digitalisation sweeping the global economy if it is to shake free of stagnation and flourish with trillions of dollars of cost savings. The fourth industrial revolution, as it has been termed, has seen a revolutionary merging of the […]

How could a no-deal Brexit affect the UK’s low-carbon energy transition?

Brexit…love it or loathe it, there’s simply no getting away from it as the divorce deadline looms ever closer with as much confusion as ever (if not more) about what life after Brussels will look like for Britain.With all the debates and meetings going on, publicly and behind closed doors, it’s clearly impossible to keep […]

The 10 Year Challenge: How the UK’s low-carbon economy has changed

As our clients know, here at Syntegra we like to read widely around our subject to broaden our knowledge and expertise and spend a considerable amount of time explaining to potential new customers how making even very small changes to their sustainability record can have an impact on their environmental footprint. So we were delighted […]

From puddings to packaging: Inside the UK’s Christmas waste problem

While the Christmas decorations have been taken down and everyone is immersing themselves at work again (and many on diets!), our friends at Edie have shared with us the sustainability cost of the festive season and given us food for thought in relation to the waste associated with this time of year. With plastics action […]

Syntegra commits to 100% renewable energy

Syntegra is leading by example and has signed up to use 100% renewable energy for all its properties from the start of 2019 in line with its global goals mission. SSE Green is a 100% renewable energy tariff offered by SSE Business Energy which allows organisations to report zero emissions for their purchased electricity. It is […]

Budget 2018: The green economy announcements and reaction

In what is widely tipped to be the last budget before Brexit, the Chancellor made little mention of any major ‘green’ economic issues leaving the much-anticipated plastic tax the major announcement. Here for you to digest over a quick cuppa – not, we hope, from a disposable cup – is a round-up of key policy […]

Upholding environmental standards if there’s no Brexit deal

The government has issued guidance around the potential impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit on environmental standards in the UK, affecting areas including waste, air quality, water, and protection of habitats and species. A large body of existing EU environmental law currently covers these areas and some of this legislation also delivers the UK’s commitments […]

How sustainable is this World Cup?

Now that we can all breathe again following Monday night’s World Cup wobble for England, we thought we’d share with you a great thought-inspiring read from our friends over at Edie.net who have pulled together this excellent look at the sustainability of this great festival of football. With the eyes of the world on Russia […]

Clean Air Day: Let’s all play our part to reduce pollution

The longest day of the year is just around the corner – which means even more time to fill it with activities to celebrate #cleanairday We’re delighted to be promoting the initiative on June 21st to help raise awareness of air pollution which kills tens of thousands of people across the UK every year. And […]

The rise of proptech – why we should embrace it

For those in the know, Proptech is just another jargon expression dropped into everyday business conversations discussing developments in the property sector. For those arriving late to this particular party, we’re simply talking about property technology – how digitalisation that rules much of our daily lives is finally building on its foundations in all things […]

Launch of Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan

On 11 January, the Prime Minister launched the Government’s long-awaited 25 year plan to improve the environment, setting out ambitious targets for improving air quality, reducing waste, enhancing nature and mitigating and adapting to climate change. The Plan proposes an ‘environmental net gain’ principle for new development, which includes high environmental standards for all new builds, […]

Keep the environment at the top of the news agenda

  They say a week’s a long time in politics so three weeks must be a lifetime. That’s how long has passed since the announcement of the Government’s flagship 25-year environment strategy document Cleaner, Green Britain. Grabbing a few headlines that day and under the spotlight by some campaigners the next, the extension of the […]

Water – don’t waste it, reuse it

With more than 5,700 articles written about it in 100+ countries last year alone, and an impressive 2.6 million website views, World Water Week could be considered a resounding success. The good news is this week, it’s happening again – the annual global water conference is taking place in Sweden addressing key issues of international […]

Syntegra Acoustics Division Strengthened

Syntegra have recently appointed David Yates to the position of Associate Acoustic Consultant in order to strengthen the acoustics division of the company. David is based in the Reading and London offices and brings ten years’ experience to Syntegra’s in-house acoustic team. He has particular expertise in environmental noise, and has a wealth of experience […]

The Rise in Popularity of Blue Roofs

Blue Roof The roofing industry is developing increasing numbers of blue roofs in new-builds and refurbishments to tackle flood risks. Blue roofs attenuate rainwater rather than drain it as fast as possible, collecting the water in a cellular geocomposite drainage/retention board and releasing it over a period of many hours via a discharge control mechanism.  […]

Small Businesses Urged To Follow Top Companies And Switch To Green Energy

With the likes of Google, Apple and Ikea vowing to reach a 100 per cent renewable energy target, small businesses have been encouraged to follow their lead. Switching to renewable tariffs is the easiest step they can take to show commitment to the environment which, in turn, sends a strong message to their customers.   […]

Time for clear the air talks

Let me clear the air…Syntegra is not a political beast. We have no political affiliations or allegiances. We simply want what’s best for the planet and, as a secondary spin-off, UK businesses. But against that backdrop, there is a lot we need to say to campaign on our mission which is born from political announcements […]

CO2 Emissions – we can’t afford to ignore them

Nobody said changing public attitudes to tackle climate change would happen overnight. The international community was always going to struggle with different perceptions of the problem, its scale and causes. And scientists and policymakers realised early on during the debate that they would face challenges and criticism over the long haul. In the space of […]

Your water, your choice

Water Part G Compliance Report

It’s that time of year when you turn on any TV or radio news channel, one of the headlines is the cost of gas and electricity and how we should all switch suppliers. And apparently last month record numbers of us, ever keen to cut costs, did just that. Maybe it’s something in the title […]

Air Conditioning Systems to meet New Legislation

What is this new legislation? After January 1st 2015 “the use of recycled HCFC’s will be prohibited in the maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment existing at that date” (www.r22-legislation.co.uk, 2014). Why is this legislation being brought in? Because of the environmental damage that the use of R22s cause, specifically ozone depletion […]